We Are

The name Codevibz signifies that it will transform your business into digital form and turn your business into a brand. It's a comprehensive platform offering services that can bring new changes to your business.

Core Values

Creating a business website isn't just about having an online space. It's like building a digital home for your business, At Codevibz, our core values drive everything we do. We prioritize innovation, honesty, teamwork, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. These values define us, shaping our culture and guiding us toward excellence.

Our Vision

App development is essential because it puts your business right at your customers' fingertips. It's like having a storefront that's open 24/7, Our vision is to be a leader in technology, making a positive impact on society. We strive to empower businesses, promote ongoing learning, and maintain excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction, envisioning a brighter future.

Our Missions

Graphic design is the visual storyteller of your brand, conveying messages through captivating images and designs. Codevibz is a software and mobile app development company with a world-class team of talented data scientists, developers, designers, mathematicians, engineers, and creative artists. We are motivated to build elegant and functional digital products that solve complex problems.

Quality & Policy

Codevibz's policy is based on honesty, transparency, and responsibility. We prioritize protecting our clients' data and privacy, taking strict precautions in all our operations. We value variety and making everyone feel welcomed in our workplace and communities, aiming to create a friendly environment. Continuous improvement is part of our culture as we work hard to get better every day.

Our Team

At Codevibz, we're experts in these technologies With our deep understanding and skill, we always deliver excellent results.

My goal as the founder of Codevibz is to clarify the purpose behind its creation and shed light on its essence. I chose the name ‘Codevibz’ to show that we focus on coding skills. My vision for Codevibz is to operate As a multi-functional company skilled at handling digital challenges and opportunities with flexibility and creativity.

Abdul Basit

Founder & Director

As the CEO of Codevibz, I'm excited to welcome you to our digital hub.Your presence here is deeply valued and your visit means alot to us. We're dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and ensuring your satisfaction.Thank you for choosing CodeVibz as your digital partner.

Abdul Moiz


As Codevibz's Managing Director, I prioritize on efficiency and innovation in our day-to-day operations. Guiding our team, I ensure CodeVibz maintains its leadership in digital solutions. With a commitment to excellence,

Shahraiz Khan

Managing Director

As a Sales Manager at Codevibz, I oversee our team's achievement of targets and ensure projects are concluded with perfection and beauty, showcasing our commitment to excellence, we continuously exceed expectations,providing exceptional value to our clients.


Project Manager

Our Satisfied Customers

These are our valuable clients, satisfied with our provided services. We are grateful for their trust in us, and in return, we have delivered top-notch work.

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